Hi there, thank you for reading this, 


If you here because you're interested in a photoshoot, that's great I hope to hear from you soon :) Or if your reading this because your just interested in my blog posts, then fair enough thank you.


You get in contact with me, letting me know what special memories you would like capturing. You can do this through my email, or my photography facebook or the enquiries page on my website. Then I will usually respond pretty quickly, as my parents say I can't put my phone down. :)

STEP 2: 

I will run you through my prices, and possible package options. I will always try at this point to do all I can to meet your budget, even if it means we do a payment plan, which I'm quite happy to do! If at this point you are happy with my prices and I can meet your needs, then we will agree on a date and a time and a location. 

STEP 3: 

It's the day of the photoshoot, hopefully, you are feeling just as excited as I am at this point. We meet at the arranged time and place and I capture whatever memories you have requested in a fun and friendly way, with no pressure to do anything you and or your family doesn't want to do. I hope to make sure everyone feels as comfortable as possible in the shoot and I hope to make it as engaging as I can, especially for little ones :) You pay me the money agreed, in cash at the shoot or you can bank transfer me later after the shoot, whichever you prefer.


I sit and edit all of the lovely images, and I then put a large selection of watermarked images (these have my logo on them) onto a password protected gallery on my website for your eyes to see. At this point, I will message you asking which ones you would like to purchase without the watermark on them, or if applicable which ones you would like for your complimentary prints.  Me getting the photos on the website can take a few days or weeks depending what the event is, but that is something I will give you an indication of after the photo shoot, or when you inquire. 

STEP 5: 

You receive any digital images purchased by we transfer so the quality is not lost. As well as this you could also be receiving high-quality gloss prints that I will usually deliver to your home free of charge unless otherwise arranged. On top of this, you could also be receiving lovely keepsake products such as canvases and acrylic prints, depending on whether you choose to purchase them or not. Then at this point, I will check you are happy with everything, and ask you to leave me a review on my facebook page if you wish to, as these are always greatly appreciated, and help me stand out from other photographers, as there is lots of healthy competition out there! 

That's it, it's pretty simple really if you have any questions please feel free to contact me, I hope to be photographing your special moment soon.

Best wishes, 

Laura x