My 1st Photos Product Shoot

Hi everyone today's post is about the creative product shoot I had with the lovely ladies from My 1st Photos, Nadine and Sarah, and there two lovely children who joined in for some of the shots to show off the target market of the product in a subtle way.

I approached Nadine a while back as I saw her post her and Sarah's products in the local community board on Facebook and they looked really good, I also love the idea of local businesses helping each other out.  I asked Nadine if she wanted to meet to discuss possible discounts and other business ideas. I met in a cafe with her and her business partner and friend Sarah we had a lovely chat about future ideas, and how we could help each other out! 

Sarah approached me on behalf of the business asking me to take some product shots for their upcoming website, and of course, I said yes. It's so lovely to make connections with like-minded people and offer services to be able to then swap, as I hope to be selling some products on behalf of their company and then giving you as client's the opportunity to combine your photos with their products at a reduced price! :)

Here are some of the best photos from the shoot.

This shoot was in my home studio, so I look forward to shooting the other half of the shots in an outdoor location to show the products in a different light and also capture the target market in a more obvious way as we have some baby models coming too. The weather looks so good for the upcoming weeks that's why we agreed a location shoot would be nicest, so fingers crossed it stays that way!

Thanks for reading and I hope you are making the most of the lovely weather!

Laura x