Millie & her Sisters.

Hi everyone, today's post is all about the lovely shoot I had with Jessica's daughter Millie and her 3 lovely sisters. 


This shoot was slightly different to my others. It came about as I saw a post from Jessica in the Facebook community boards, asking for any local businesses to donate a raffle prize for a special event that is being held in July to raise funds for Millie who is two and has been diagnosed with Diplegic Cerebral Palsy. Of course, I jumped at the chance to donate, as I find it amazing that I am in a position to donate my time in the form of a raffle prize to help out a local event or charity. I decided to go beyond this after chatting with Jessica who was so lovely and grateful for my initial donation, so I asked her if she would be up for me capturing some natural pictures of her lovely girls, just as something special for her and her family to look back on, this is how this shoot came about and the results as you can see, show what great weather we had! Although it wasn't as straightforward as myself and Jessica thought it might be to capture all the girl's together, Millie certainly had fun with my bubble machine, so much fun I didn't think I would be able to take it home, and a selection of natural and fun shots were captured!  Overall it was a lovely fun shoot and an absolute privilege to do! :)

Here are some of the best photos from the shoot! :)

If you are inspired by Millie, just like I am then you can donate to her Just giving page here, to get her the treatments she deserve's to help her reach more incredible milestones.

There is also an incredible fundraising event for Millie being held in July, here are the full details: 

The main event - Millie's Grand Ball is being held 28th July at Holiday Inn Guildford from 6pm. There will be live local acts from Guildford, Millie's mystery draw and silent auction (prizes will be shown on Millie's Facebook page during July, so people can bid on them then) There will also be a buffet, tickets are £20pp which come with a strip of raffle tickets.

Millie's fb page:


I hope some of you can make it or if not donate a small donation to a very deserving little girl and as always thanks for reading.  x