Lifestyle Photography

Hi everyone,

Today’s blog post is about a particular style of photography that I have taken a real liking to, it’s Lifestyle Photography, this is where you take more natural, less posed images that are in the client’s home. A lovely lady called Hayley introduced me to this style of photography, as I had never really taken photos in clients homes before they usually came to my studio, or we went outside on location. Hayley came to be after her second son Issac was born saying she’d like some photos taken, I was recommended to Hayley by one of her friends who I had previously done. a shoot for. Since Issac’s newborn/family shoot I have taken his six month update photos and a style photoshoot, all in the comfort of Hayley and Mike’s beautiful home. Lifestyle photography provides you with more genuine and natural images, and this style is better for children too as they are less likely to get bored, than they would be in traditional family photographs taken in a studio environment. It also means they feel more at ease as they are familiar with their environment.

Here are some of the images I’ve captured:

I’ve loved capturing all the memories I have done so far for Hayley and Mike, and am looking forward to going back to capture Issac’s first birthday cake smash, to provide them with some more genuine family images.

If you like this style of photography then why not get in contact, so I can capture some of these loving moments for you and your family.

Thanks for reading,

Laura. x