Eastbourne Airshow 2018

Hi everyone, today's blog post is about the Eastbourne airshow that I was lucky enough to go to recently with family,  which of course meant I took some pictures there, when I say some I only mean around 400. ;) 

Here are just a few of the best ones. 

It was a lovely day out, even though the weather wasn't anything too special, the airshow itself was still breathtaking.  It was a completely different experience seeing the planes fly over the sea, rather than just over the land, and made the day more exciting. My highlight was the red arrows, as I'm sure the majority of the audiences was, as when they are announced the atmosphere completely changes, as everyone gets really excited! I love it when they use the colourful smoke it really does look spectacular and is something that is picked up when photographed! 

I hope to go back again next year, but fingers crossed the sky will be nice and blue, and the sun will be shining! 

Thanks for reading. x